1ims Advantages

1ims is flexible, scalable, user friendly and save

As developers of software based on many years of experience, we are perfectly aware of the individuality of each company. The 1ims system is a fully scalable solution which allows us to individually approach each client. We serve small businesses and large enterprises, thanks to which, when starting to configure 1ims for you, we will always provide your company with adequate functionalities to meet current needs.


Process optimization

It’s time to simplify procedures and detect so-called bottlenecks. Based on appropriate pre-implementation analysis, our consultants will help you to optimize the operation of your company. It’s time to focus on the right flow of information and get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy.


The 1ims system allows you to join all company departments into one database application that will ensure a reliable and controllable document flow throughout the company. Data exchange between departments can take place in real time. Keep your finger on the pulse.

Efficiency and organization of work

Control, organize and motivate your employees. All this thanks to the extended control capability of the 1ims system described in the features section. Depending on the business profile of your company, we will prepare and provide you with appropriate tools to control quality of your team’s work.

Access to information and data protection

We provide continuous insight into the history of your data. Even after several years of system operation you will always be able to analyze your business performance.

Decide on who of your employees will have access to company secrets. The advanced module for managing user rights will allow you to refine the possibilities of viewing or editing your company’s valuable information.

Improving the quality of customer service

1ims will definitely improve your customer relations thanks to its B2B sector support. Provide detailed information about the status of orders, contracts or current price lists. All this is possible thanks to a dedicated client application or full 1ims integration with a properly prepared website frontend for your clients. Get ahead of the competition and become a friendly company for your existing and future clients.